Benefits of Medical Tourism

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Medical tourism or health care tourism is a very recent phenomenon that involves crossing international boundaries to achieve better or more affordable health care. With health care facilities, technology and doctor training becoming better in developing  nations by each passing year, a slew of international travelers have started to throng these nations to avail the international standard medical facilities at much cheaper prices. Some of the typical medical treatments and surgeries that are amongst the most sought after by medical travelers include cardiac surgery, dental surgery, joint replacement and a wide  array of cosmetic surgeries. For example, a coronary bypass in the United States might cost almost $80,000, but the same treatment is available in India for as less as $10,000.

The cost of complex medical treatments in developing countries like India, South Africa and Thailand is believed to be one tenth of what one might shell out in US or Europe. Medical tourists can come from any part of the world but a majority of them belongs to western countries like the United States, Europe and Britain. Apart from the mammoth savings in cost, long waiting periods for certain medical procedures in certain countries force people to travel to other countries that offer the same standard of treatment, affordable and quickly. Patients might have to wait for a hip replacement in Britain for up to one year but the same treatment is available in Philippines, India or Thailand almost immediately. Knee or hip replacement surgery is often not covered by insurance companies abroad, forcing the patients to look for international destinations where such surgeries are performed at very cheap rates. With   millions of Americans still being uninsured, the medical tourism market is only expected to rise in coming years.

Apart from fulfilling affordable and quick medical needs of the medical tourists, most medical tourism destinations offer a great environment and ambiance, along with an array of pleasurable spots, natural beauty and interesting attractions. For many medical tourists from western world, a trip to Thailand or Malaysia might be their first. Health care tourism provides them with a great opportunity to explore a beautiful destination and spend some relaxing time in its fascinating beaches and luxurious resorts.   With benefits galore, health care tourism can be expected to grow by leaps and bounds in no time at all. And the major beneficiaries of it would of course be the developing nations.

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Benefits of Medical Tourism

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Benefits of Medical Tourism

This article was published on 2011/05/21