Changing Your Office to a More Paper Free Environment

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As a means of saving our environment, more and more companies are opting to go paperless.  This can seem like a very easy thing to do.  Just start putting all of your information into the computer and making the transition.  However, in some industries this is much more difficult than one might imagine.

Let’s take a look at just two fields that face difficulty in going paperless, the medical field, and the legal field. For many years in the medical field doctors have recorded patients information into their files.  In a person’s file is their medical history from their very first visit until the present time. While this is not particularly fun reading, it is important to have. So, when an office chooses to go paperless, what do you do with this extensive and important history?  How can the doctor make decisions or remember all of this information without the actual file?

This is where the great time saving technology of medical document scanning comes into play.  There are many companies that offer medical scanning as a service.  They can scan doctors files, test results and even x-rays.  This allows the doctor to have it all stored in a file that he can access. It is also much easier to store a disc or flash drive with all of this backed up information than all of those many files that are found in most offices.

The same is also true of legal fields.  Consider this, in an average courtroom they handle hundreds of cases a day.  Each of those cases have two parties, which means two attorneys.  Each attorney has a file of information and documentation for that case.  Can you imagine the tremendous amount of paper that they use?  

Many in the legal field have been trying to go paperless for many years.  Most have found that they are more able to accomplish this task if they use the legal copy services that are offered and can transfer their records to a computer format.  A good relationship with a legal copy service can be invaluable when it comes to exhibits for trials as well.

There are many other industries that are finding the services and technology that is available is a great help in their business.  Real estate and construction have found that they can put their floor plans and blueprints  on the computer as well as any contracts and documentation.  Allowing them a much safer and easier way to store their information and still have easy access from the field for their clients.

While it can be rather time consuming and burdensome in the beginning the technology is there and it can be accomplished so that you can enjoy the benefits and the environment will thank you  for it.

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Changing Your Office to a More Paper Free Environment

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Changing Your Office to a More Paper Free Environment

This article was published on 2013/08/07