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Why do you need to go to Thailand as a tourist when you could see the country much better when you go there as a volunteer? Imagine your delight when as a volunteer in teaching you could go to Thailand's remote town of exotic Surin that's still raw and unspoilt. You could, as a volunteer in animal conservation, visit Phuket, Rayong or Surin. You'd be helping out with an ailing elephant or a school of sea turtles or chattering gibbons while using your long weekends exploring Thailand's rich countryside and meeting simple village folk. You could help Thailand in one of their building projects. You would be engaged with perhaps the building of a home for the displaced villagers or orphans. Similarly, volunteering in Thailand could take you to one of their community projects where you'd be lending a helping hand with a vegetable garden or one of Thailands village fish farms. If you have the aptitude, you could be engaged in medical volunteering work in Thailand as well.

As a medical volunteer, Thailand will offer you the opportunity of giving medical support to its poor villagers totally cut off from the city where such support could be available, albeit at a price they could hardly afford. When you offer your services for medical volunteering, you are actually offering medical assistance to these poor people mostly from Surin. Thailand's Public Health Program, along with an outreach program and active support of medical volunteers such as you, offer valuable help to the poor villagers with absolutely no other alternatives to fall back on.

You could opt for medical volunteering work in Thailand as a dentist, a nurse, a doctor or a therapist. Students from medical or nursing institutions are also most welcome whether as elective work placements or as a student intern. As a medical volunteer, Thailand will place you in walk-in clinics near Surin. During the extended weekends you could explore the countryside and even Cambodia. Whether you wish to take a sabbatical or an annual holiday as a medical volunteer, Thailand will offer you the trip of a lifetime.
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Enjoy Thailand Differently

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This article was published on 2010/12/01