Medical Assistant - Advantages And Disadvantages

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Unemployment rate is growing due to the world's failing economy. A lot of people these days are seeking jobs that are stable like medical assisting career.
Medical assisting career is very in demand nowadays. It is one of the most attractive career. However it also have its share of pros and cons.
It is not easy to becoming a medical assistant. Their tasks can be daunting. They tend to the needs of everyone at the hospital even the need of the patients. They should stay alert at all times and be considerate to the doctors' commands. Not to mention that they need to stay calm in an disaster circumstances. These tasks can be demanding especially if faced on a daily basis. It can bring about burn out and pressure.
Being a medical assistant is very tiring. They carry out so many responsibilities -from accounting to clinical work. They are usually seen running to and fro because every second is important especially in an emergency situation.
Not all days are exemplary that they have to go overtime and face demanding clients. It can be very emotionally nerve-racking, all the more if the MA is not familiar to such work demand.
Those are just a couple of cons and trials faced by medical assistants each day. They should not be taken for granted. On the contrary, they should be addressed in a healthy manner or else it can bring about considerable stress on the person and the vocation. On the positive note, here are the pros of medical assisting.

Medical assistant vocation is very versatile. This career offers many advance career options. With further studies and trainings, medical assistants may choose other careers such as licensed practical nurse, cardiovascular technologist, and registered nurse, billing clerk, health secretaries and emergency medical technicians. These are several possible careers that medical assistants can choose if they wish to go beyond their career.
Moreover, medical assistants can find a job even without certification. Hopeful medical assistants' trainings and programs may last up to two years. On the other hand, the hiring needs can differ per establishment or for every employer. Some may require certification, while others may not. Most of the hospitals prefer certified MAs but it is not mandated by law. Yes, many medical assistants are hired though they are not certified. Then again, salary is a little lower than those who are certified.
They are allowed to receive high pay and fringe benefits. Medical assisting career guarantees excellent income. Although salary of an MA varies by location, years of experience, trainings and certifications, still this career offers higher stipend as compared to other careers.
Annually a non-certified medical assistant can gross from $26,500 to $27,000. This is according to the survey conducted by the American Association of Medical Assistants. The average of a certified medical assistant is $27,000 to $28,000 annually.
Medical assistants have definite office hours. Unlike other medical careers, medical assistants have fixed clinic or infirmary hours. Although most of the times they are required to work additional hours but still they are close to the scheduled clinic hours. Moreover, they get to have a holiday, very advantageous to those who have families who want to spend vacation and holidays with their loved ones.
No job is truly easy. Each has its share of pros and cons. One can only stay in the industry if he loves what he is doing and he is growing in the career he has chosen.
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Medical Assistant - Advantages And Disadvantages

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This article was published on 2011/08/26