Personal Medical Records and Family Medical Records – Importance of Medical History Records Today

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Today doctors are finding that many health problems of people can be traced back through their ancestors.  When you have a common medical condition that is known to be a genetic problem, the maintenance of medical history records becomes very important.  These days more than ever doctors want to know about the health of people in your family overall.


By learning about the past history of your family’s health, doctors are better able to determine what things you might be predisposed to encounter in your health.  Maintaining personal medical records is important as is maintaining a history for your family.  Making sure that you are aware of any serious conditions can help with testing early to find the problem before it becomes life threatening.


Deciding to begin the process of a family medical tree can be easy enough.  However uncovering past medical problems may become a serious issue.  Making sure that you are aware of all of the different conditions will be difficult to accomplish.


In the past medical records were not very complete.  As a result you may be predisposed to have a problem with your heart but will not know that until you experience that problem.  At the same time you may not know about issues that other family members have had because they keep it secret for some reason.


Learning as much as you can about your family’s medical past is important.  While you may not be able to create a full and complete history, the more information you can obtain the better prepared you will be.  Starting today you should be sure that your records are entered into a journal that can be passed down through the generations and added to which will create a complete history for generations to come.


The importance of medical history records is evident in the amount of information doctors are seeking today.  Questions are commonly asked on the intake forms about your relatives, usually close relatives such as your mother, father, grandmothers and grandfathers. However other relatives may also be factors in your overall health.


Maintaining personal medical records and family medical records will be important for your overall health as well as those who receive the information later. When you can trace a common health condition back through the generations, you will find that you can get testing and treatment sooner, making the condition less of a problem for you and your family.

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Having a written record of any pertinent medical history can be very important.  Knowing whether a family member has suffered from heart problems, depression or any other medical condition will be very important should you need to seek care for any serious conditions.  By having a medical history diary, you will find all of the needed information right at your fingertips when a question arises.  My Diary For Life offers you a compact, personal journal that you can fill out with all of the medical history.  It can be passed down from generation to generation as well, providing information to the future as well.  Visit for more information.

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Personal Medical Records and Family Medical Records – Importance of Medical History Records Today

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Personal Medical Records and Family Medical Records – Importance of Medical History Records Today

This article was published on 2012/08/04