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Whilst little is known of the plans for the NHS this could also mean privatisation. Like the proposal for the roads, the health service could end up in multiple ownerships and divided between the Government and numerous private providers. Such a proposal runs the risk of fragmenting patient's care and cutting treatment costs as low as possible to maximise profits – if this is the case then the number of medical negligence compensation claims will certainly rise as patients face even greater risks

No consensus on good parenting

Patients should always receive the correct information from their Doctor

The University of Warwick has released research into parenting manual which they have studied from as far back as 1913; research suggests that there is no consensus to good parenting and that these manuals often make mothers feel like failures rather than being supportive to them. Doctors are always supposed to be impartial when they provide advice to patients – they should provide the best quality medical advice based on evidence and never let their personal beliefs interfere with that advice. On occasions some patients have received opinionated information or are provided with less information than they should because of a Doctor's beliefs. Patients have the right to choose their treatment and failing to provide the correct information is negligent; if a patient chooses an operation based on the wrong information being provided then a medical negligence claim arises. If you feel that you have been misinformed or simply that you were not given enough information about your treatment we are available to help.

Rushed medical examinations put patients at risk

Fabrice-Muamba-England-medical compensation uk medical claim compensation online medical malpractice statistics medical negligence compensation amounts

Fabrice Muamba playing for England

Fabrice Muamba suffered a heart attack whilst on the pitch at White Hart lane on Saturday evening and remains in critical condition; his pre-season screening which included his heart is said to have been satisfactory. Whenever a Doctor and Nurse undertakes a medical examination – for any purpose such as for a licence or before an operation they have to be thorough and complete in what they do – anything less is negligent. Failure to diagnose a condition can prevent a patient from getting timely treatment and puts the patient at risk; more medical errors occur during routine medicals than many people realise.

If you have had a medical which was not thorough or which missed an important condition then we can help you to investigate it.

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Privatised Healthcare-NHS Medical Negligence

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This article was published on 2012/03/20