The many benefits of being a CMA

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There are a number of careers out there that are fast gaining prominence in the world and amongst them are that of the Medical Assistant. In fact it is poised to grow by around 35% in the coming years. Now would be a good time to get a head start in this career line. A medical assistant falls in the category of an allied health professional. In terms of remuneration and career growth, this has a great potential in itself.

Being certified is extremely important and as a certified medical assistant (CMA) you will work with a physician in a privately owned practice. There are also opportunities available in bigger hospitals, some clinics as well as nursing homes. The role of a CMA is a varied and their main job is to help doctors and nurses in a range of jobs. This can be on the clinical side as well as that of the administrative. If you do get into the administrative side, then you will have to work at make a schedule of appointments, bring in the patients and even get into the billing aspect. That is the kind of flexibility that a job like a CMA affords.

The best part about being a medical assistant is that you have the flexibility to work with a range of doctors – these can be podiatrists, orthopedicians, pediatricians, and others. However, in each one of these capacities, a certain amount of specialization is required. As an optometrist’s assistant you will need to know the basic functioning of the eye, with a podiatrist, about the feet and its movement etc.

As a basic medical assistant you can easily perform at your best in any medical office. It is however up to you to move up the ladder by giving yourself some additional specializations to help you move to a specialist clinic. Some that you could consider are those of doing a certificate in phlebotomy, or train to become an EKG technician or even an x-ray technician. The more your qualification, the better your chances at a specialized job and consequently higher the remuneration.

Once you have your training, you will also need to complete a test from the American Association of Medical Assistants Examination. As soon as you are done with this, you are a Certified Medical Assistant and are ready to hit the job market. Any prospective employer will be comfortable at giving you a job considering you are well qualified and certified.


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The many benefits of being a CMA

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The many benefits of being a CMA

This article was published on 2011/09/28